William Choi-Kim

Full-stack Web Developer Award-winning Writer 3D Artist

About Me

Nearly a decade ago, on a train with nothing to do, I picked up a little program called Hopscotch. It's still around today - a polished version of Scratch for iPad, designed to introduce kids to programming.

I was hooked.

Now, I make websites using HTML, JS, CSS, and sometimes, when I'm feeling spicy, React. I leverage serverless architecture to create cheap to maintain, SEO friendly static sites - I've created CVs, resume sites, portfolios, and more for a litany of satisfied clients.

Writing and Art

But though I'm most at home in front of my computer, cranking out beautiful websites, I'm not opposed to the occasional writing piece or artwork.

I'm a Scholastic Art and Writing National alumnus, a published author, and a 3d artist.

Learn More

You can contact me at [email protected] or message me on social media platforms @rockwill. To commission me, visit Cheers!